Jerez, Zacatecas.
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Who’s going to win today.

Madrid or Barca?

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I need to hire someone to just stay here in my room so when I listen to some ramon ayala, los invasores, etc. I could just get up and dance with them.

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Cielo azul, cielo nublado, cielo de mi pensamiento..


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This aint got nothing to do with narcos but fuck , me and you should have kid Haa


Lol wuuuut.

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Its funny cuz these tumblr pendejos you're talking about lol they steal pictures from twitter like accounts como @comandante57_ la cuenta del Chino Antrax o la de Alfredo Guman @AlfreditoGuzma or @ZambadaSerafin lol and they think they own those pics like as if esos narcos tuvieran tiempo para estar en tumblr bola de pendejos honestly they're annoying!


Lol yup. Like I said, it’s like a competition for them, to see who can upload the most and the quickest hahah.

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Haha yeah. I post pictures like that as well but I get them directly from the person who takes the picture. Also I'm not like they rest of these lames who put gay shit on the picture trying to act like if it was them you get me?


Haha yup I know what you mean! And if you remove it, se enojan. Hahah.

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Musicians entertain a crowd, including a pint-sized boy in Santa Bárbara, near Texmelucan in Tlaxcala.

National Geographic - October, 1961

Haha serio, asta unos se cren narcos nomas por poner fotos de weyes que ni conocen. But like I said they've probably never seen a brick or had someone that wanted to take away they're life in front of them.


Hahah yup true that! They act like they took the photo and own it lol.

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I don’t understand the competition of narco photos on tumblr between blogs.

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How Do You Put Music On Your Blog ????


Message me and I’ll explain it to you.

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